"I believe that we are improving as we go up step by step towards things that we’ve dreamed of since our debut. I feel very honored, thankful, enjoyable, and happy to be able to share that dream with our Babys. […] Make sure to always eat well and always laugh a lot as well. And I hope that you would all always be healthy as well. 
We’ll continue to grow more through better stages, and come back more matured, so I hope you will wait just a bit till we return then. I’m always thankful, thanking, love, and respect you.”
- Yongguk

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ot6 with love
Everyone has a 2 AM and a 2 PM personality.

  — Anonymous.  

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Daehyun, I think you’re a bit too into it

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if your voice makes my heart skip a beat i wonder what your moan will do to me

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