Maybe we’re just the right people at the wrong time.
— Ten word poem.

okay but your ot3 going through a haunted house

who’s in the front, who’s in the middle, and who’s in the back

  • youngjae is definitely in the front, he like being on the spotlight, so he definitely wouldn’t miss the chance… thinks he’s brave enough. daehyun in the middle simply because he’s scared of being in the back… himchan hyung is fine with being in the back but along with youngjae has the loudest reactions, lmao…

who acts like it’s not going to be a big deal but actually screams at the top of their lungs when someone in the group’s hand brushes their arm

  • youngjae for sure, lmao

who’s scared about going in but they’re the only one who keeps their cool

  • daehyun

who keeps narrating their adventure in a deep voice as they wander through the haunted house

  • himchan, i feel like he would talk non-stop 

and, of course, who loses their shoe as they run out of the attraction

  • probably youngjae, that kid gets out of control when he’s too excited (in this case, scared)